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High Security

At CloudAdda, we understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your data, and High Security is our robust answer to those concerns.

High Availability

CloudAdda takes pride in delivering High Performance solutions that redefine computing standards, ensuring swift and efficient operations for our users.

extreme performance

Our cutting-edge technologies guarantee seamless execution, empowering businesses with the speed and reliability they need to excel in the digital realm.

effective process mgmt.

Our commitment to providing Customizable Environments, allowing users to tailor their setups to specific needs empowering users to create personalized, dynamic environments.

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Virtual Labs

We understands that every business and institution is unique. We offer tailored solutions that align precisely with your specific requirements. Whether youneed scalable resources, customizable environments, or advanced features, our solutions are designed to adapt to your evolving needs. Your success is our priority, and our commitment to customization ensures that our services seamlessly integrate into your workflows.

Tally on Cloud

One of the First in the Industry to provide Native Applications like Tally to work on the cloud. Ensuring that the financial security is maintained while allowing the application is highly available anywhere from across the internet.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Once the plan is in place, our expert team ensures a smooth implementation of services. Whether it's deploying Scalable VMs, integrating High-Performance, High-Availability solutions, or configuring Customizable Environments.

Managed Services

We are committed to ongoing optimization. We monitor and analyze system performance, making real-time adjustments to enhance efficiency. This commitment extends to our 24/7 support, ensuring that clients have instant access to assistance,troubleshooting, and guidance whenever needed.


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I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation in making this training very successful. This would have not been possible without your each and everyone’s support and backing. Its really an amazing experience working with this whole team.

And a very special thanks to our Cloud team Arpan who has supported a lot where ever we faced issues. Thank you

Venkatesh Radhakrishnan

Wings Of Fire

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